Medical Wigs

At R&Z Wigs, we specialize in medical wigs for adults and kids, catering to individuals of all ages who are facing challenges related to hair loss, including alopecia, cancer, and other conditions. Our commitment extends beyond providing wigs. 

We strive to offer a sense of identity and empowerment to our valued customers

We understand that your hair is a reflection of your identity. Our medical wigs are designed 

to help you regain your sense of self, offering comfort and confidence during a challenging time

The R&Z Wigs team recognizes the importance of professionalism and sensitivity when assisting customers dealing with hair loss. We take the time to ensure that every customer feels comfortable and supported in their decision

Hair loss can be overwhelming, but our medical wigs provide a source of comfort and normalcy. Crafted to be breathable, discreet and naturallooking

Funding – Did you know that your private insurance might cover a portion of your wig expenses? We encourage you to reach out to your insurance provider to explore your coverage options and potential reimbursements

Organizations like AAAF and Variety Kids offer financial support, contributing towards the cost of your wigs. In some cases, they may even cover the entire expense. Don’t hesitate to call and inquire about whether you’re eligible to apply

At R&Z Wigs, we believe that your hairloss journey towards renewed confidence begins with the right wig. Let us be your partner in embracing your true self. Contact us today to discover how our medical wigs can help you face each day with strength and grace 


Thank you R&Z Wigs for this amazing experience !! The girls were so incrediable with my mom !! She loves her new topper !!

Amanda Narainsamy / Google review

Sarah and Sofy were so helpful with my wig and getting the right products !! Roey the hairdresser helped me style my wig and they all have great personalities . I would highly recommend them . Thank you for being amazing !!

Nyamakal dhol / Google review

Sofy and Sarah were great to work with. They helped me pick a topper, the exact colour of my hair. They have zip pay so you have the option to pay in installments. I love my topper, it's thick and natural, and I get compliments of my hair wherever I wear it! People have no idea it's not my real hair 🙂 they have both been great after care.I fully recommend r&z wigs!

June Rockstar / Google review

I have bought my wig from R&Z and could not be happier!! First I have to say the hair is real and amazing quality, I had an amazing professional service, they color matched to what I wanted and I gave me long hair that I never had and honestly I wear it all the time as it gives me confidence 24/7!! I highly recommend to anyone to come and get your wig here!!!!

VS / Google review

I absolutely LOVE my R&Z wig. This is the first time I purchased a wig and I am blown away with the look, quality of hair and comfort! I discovered R&Z wigs through social media and from the moment I met Sarah and Sofy I knew I was in good hands. Roey did an excellent job cutting and styling my new wig and he made it look like its my own hair. You guys are AMAZING. I highly recommend R&Z wigs to anyone who is looking for a comfortable, beautiful and affordable hair piece.

Greta Dostal / Google review

Amazing experience with Sara , so patient and knowledgeable , so lovely. I absolutely, love my new topper . So beautiful. Their range is incredible

Clemence ganjvar / Google review